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Thread: BF going TOO well? She won't take any artificial nipples.

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    We use the Ventair bottles too; I have never had one leak like this. My suggestion is to make sure when you put the vent ring in you push it in all the way and then screw the bottom on as tight as you can. When I put our bottles together I lay the ring in the bottom and push it down all along the edge just to make sure it's in all the way. One time we forgot to put the ring in! You should've seen that sucker leak then!
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    Omg its so nice to know that other people are having this issue. I'm with my daughter 98% of the time, but the other 2% I need her to take a bottle from her dad. I have tried 10 different bottles and nipples and she WILL NOT take them, no matter how hungry. She will cry the entire 2 hours I'm at school. My poor husband looks like he's going to die by the time I get home. As soon as I put the boob in her mouth order is restored, but we've wasted so much pumped breast milk I've been told to try and give her a bottle every night for practice, but if I'm home there's no need. So,I understand your frustration, if you find something that works let me know until then good luck.

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