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Thread: Thumbsucking

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    My son will suck his thumb on and off. Any ideas on how to encourage this habit? I was a thumb sucker for a long, long time (fond memories) and I'd love it if he took up the habit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjheath78 View Post

    He is 4 months old now and still sucking his thumb like crazy. He even tries to put it in his mouth while he is nursing. I don't know if this is a good thing or not
    My LO does the same thing and she often tries to put her shirt sleeve in with her latch too. I recently started using a nursing necklace for the problem while nursing but that does not help with the "cue: part of your question. For the cue...I have not figured it out completely. I guess just ofter to feed and see is your LO wants it.
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    My LO starting sucking his thumb at a month old. He only does so at certain times: 1 is hunger, 2 when he is tired, or 3 if he hurts himself. Now Aiden is 9 months old, he could be crawling across the floor, I ask him "Are you hungry?" he'll stop in his tracks and start to suck his thumb. It is the cutest thing, and has never interfered with nursing. Sometimes he will pull off and suck his thumb, then I know he needs to be burped. You will learn all of your LO's signs or "sign language" in time.
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    My lo (4.5 mos) doing the same. I've noticed that he starts to chew on thumb and shoves a few more fingers in his mouth when hungry. Recently, he let me know he was hungry by trying to latch on to chin, nose, cheek. Or else that was just his first attempts at a kiss, lol.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kst7399 View Post
    My daughter is 7 months old and has been sucking her thumb since she was about 3 or 4 months old. It is her way of self-soothing. She won't take a pacifier and has no problems nursing, she just uses her thumb to make herself feel better. I wouldn't worry about it at all or its affects on your nursing relationship.
    My son is the same age and has been nursing for the same length of time. It's totally a comfort thing and it's actually very nice because he soothes himself to sleep. The only concern I have is if he continues to do it until he's older and it harms his teeth.

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