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Thread: Need reassurance about pump weaning

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    Default Re: Need reassurance about pump weaning

    I was going to post something similar!

    My DD is 11 months. My production at the pump has never averaged much more than 1oz per hour I'm gone (9oz for 9 hours) which is produced over 4 pump sessions. Lately I struggle to get 7 or 8oz per day. (I've done all the advisable things to increase pump production... This is just "me", and seems to be enough for my baby).

    I CAN'T WAIT to ditch the pump! But I love nursing. I'm hoping to let DD wean on her own schedule, but will play it by ear.

    I'm planning to drop one pump session per week after her birthday and just see how it goes.

    My question is what to do for her while at daycare. She eats lots of solids, but her Daycare provider (who is very breastfeeding friendly) says she still LOVES her bottles, and seems to need those 9oz (3 bottles of 3oz) per day.

    So... do I replace those with cow's milk or almond milk or something? or toddler formula? or just water?

    Also, my DCP said my DD will take her milk from a cup (she tried it once). Should I ask her to transition from bottles to cups now? I'd like to ideally eliminate bottles after I'm not pumping anymore. It would be ideal for me to just go from breasmilk at the breast to water, juice, etc, from a cup. So should I have her start taking her expressed milk from cups and then just replace that with other fluids once it's gone during the day?

    It's an exciting but scary time and I'm glad to see there are other moms with me on that. It's like we finally got the whole BFing and pumping thing down, which most of us had to really fight for! We worked so hard to keep our production healthy by sacrificing valuable work and free time to pump. We drank the tea, did the massage, bought the good pump, replaced the parts, added that extra session... and now we're just going to... stop?! Yikes!!
    Mom to daughter C (10/30/11) delivered by midwives in unmedicated birth. EBF after breast augmentation, CD, baby wearing, part time co-sleeping, WOHM.

    SAVED by LLL meeting in week one. (no milk for first SEVEN days!)

    Weaned DD at 20 months.

    Next one due in Feburary 2014!

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    Default Re: Need reassurance about pump weaning

    Water and solids during the day and breastfeed on demand when together. So you won't be going cold turkey because it sounds like you will be eliminating one session a week for a month. So she will go from 9-7-5-3. So she will still be getting at least one bottle a day until she is at least 13months old. So you will be bottle weaning as well. As long as you still nurse 3-5 times in a 24hout period and she is eating solids at daycare, there is no need to replace your milk.

    Way too lazy for formula

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