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Thread: Only nurses well lying down lately...

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    Default Only nurses well lying down lately...

    Has anyone else's child done this...? My 4 month old DD is growing like crazy (we go to the doc tomorrow morning, so I'll finally be able to tell people how much she weighs) and wants to nurse A LOT lately, which is ok since I'm with her almost 24/7, but she only does it really well in the side-lying position. This started about a week ago I guess, when she also started to nurse again about 3-4 times a night. I don't necessarily mind waking up, since she sleeps with us, but I wonder if she's picked up on it working better to lay down than when I'm sitting up or something...?
    Just kinda curious if anyone else has had this happen and how long it lasted.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Only nurses well lying down lately...

    Whatever works for you both is all that matters. It may just be the most comfortable for her that way for whatever reason and that may change.
    My so really like that position as well.

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    Default Re: Only nurses well lying down lately...

    my lo went through a very distractable phase where she would only nurse lying down since sitting had too many distractions for her to see. with pp, just do what works for now. i'd try every once and awhile a sitting position and if its not working no biggie just move on.
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    Default Re: Only nurses well lying down lately...

    Lo's are quirky. From 2-5 mo my ds would only nurse in a rocking chair in his bedroom, even at night even with cosleeping. But once he got side lying down that's his best position too. I think he likes it now bc he can sprawl out. Enjoy the rest while you can get it!

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