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Thread: 37.5 weeks pregnant- pumping for inverted nipple

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    Default 37.5 weeks pregnant- pumping for inverted nipple

    I'll be 38 weeks on Saturday. This is my second baby. I nursed my first until he was 10 months old. Once my flat nipples were used to pumping/nursing, I had no problems...but my left nipple tends to be inverted and now I can't even pinch it to pull it out. The other one is okay. When can I start pumping to get the adhesions to break? I want him to be able to latch right on at birth.
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    Default Re: 37.5 weeks pregnant- pumping for inverted nipple

    Don't pump right now. It's an effective way to induce labor and you definitely don't want to be doing that at just 38 weeks, because babies are healthiest when they choose their own birthdays, and because induction prior to 39 weeks significantly increases the baby's risk for breathing difficlties and a NICU stay. Also, induction of labor raises your risk for complications during the birth, including c-section.

    This link on inverted nipples suggests some things you can do prior to and after birth in order to draw out an inverted nipple: http://www.motherandchildhealth.com/.../inverted.html

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    Default Re: 37.5 weeks pregnant- pumping for inverted nipple

    Are you sure your inverted nipple will present challenges? I don't have any advice necessarily, but also have one inverted nipple but it never presented any problems. I think there are nipple-shell type products that can be worn that will help draw it out. My hospital gave me one when I had my first child... If I remember correctly it was a medela product, but I could be wrong.
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    Default Re: 37.5 weeks pregnant- pumping for inverted nipple

    I second the Medela breast shell. I was worried my LO wouldn't be able to latch on but the shells solved my problem in no time!

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