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    I have an appt on Monday with the LC to talk about a possible foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. My LO has been having green stools most of the time, sometimes it is yellow also. He is very gassy and grunts while he is pooping. He's not constipated. I have also noticed some clear, stringy mucus in his stools also. I've read that this imbalance can cause mucus.

    Has anyone experienced this? How can I fix it? Could it be a food sensitivity?

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    It sounds like it could be an imbalance. Do you spray milk? Does your baby pop off in the beginning? What is the baby's mood like? Uncomfortable? If he seems fine otherwise, gaining well and happy, I would take a wait and see approach.
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    Lots and lots of moms have forceful letdown which may cause a baby to get lots of foremilk. That is what typically causes this so-called 'imbalance'
    I agree with pp, you may need to not do anything at all. Assuming your baby is gaining well and happy to nurse most of the time, there is no harm being done. (all babies have some discomfort due to gas and digestion sensations and many babies are fussy at times, or cry at times, that is normal.)

    But sometimes the forceful letdown makes a baby have an aversion to nursing, and sometimes digesting all that foremilk causes baby frequent-most of the day long- and pretty bad pain. In those cases, there is lots you can do. the most simple thing is to make sure you are not doing anything that might make this worse- limiting the frequency of feedings, limiting length of feedings, 'switch nursing' or unnecesary pumping, leaning over baby when you nurse, are a few things you probably want to avoid. Nursing very frequently and letting baby take one breast per feeding if that is what baby prefers will often be the only intervention needed. Other ideas are to slow the flow by nursing 'uphill'- or taking baby off at initial letdown.

    This article has more- http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

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    I think the word imbalance freaks moms out, it's not a major freak out worthy issue IMHO. Just something to deal with and maybe alter your nursing style. Good luck mama
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