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Thread: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

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    Default Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    I have been doing side-lying nursing for more than 2 months now. But my back hurts like hell! It is fine when I nurse Lo with the boob nearer to him. When I nurse him with the opposite boob, I lean over and find that I have to balance my body at an awkward angle. With the opposite boob, my weight is somewhat shifted towards Lo so putting pillows behind my back will not help.

    Do you have any tips?

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    Default Re: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    I have a body pillow that I tuck behind my back to put weight on. Some people just do a flip. Personally I feel awkward nursing while laying on my right side, so I do what you do and use the pillow.
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    Default Re: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    i didn't figure out how to nurse with my top boob till close to a year. i just flipped up on hands & knees, scooted baby sideways, lay back down.

    you might also try splaying your legs out at different angles to help anchor your body at the right angle - that's helped me a ton.
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    Default Re: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    Like pp, I used a body pillow or if one wasn't available I used a pillow between my knees and another at my back for support. It helps a ton.

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    Default Re: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    I have never been able to comfortably nurse with the top boob. It just hurts my back too much no matter how I stack the pillows. I always roll to the other side. DD usually rests her head on my arm when nursing, so I just pull her in to a tight hug on my chest and roll over with her on top.

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    Default Re: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    I have back problems and when bfing DS had to do the same as auderey; put DS on th other side so that it was always the bottom breast he nursed. Not done much side lying with DD so far, but once back at work will definately be doing more as it's is a life saver in the tiredness department!

    Experiment with different positions with/without pillows and if all else fails pop LO onto the other side and lie on your other side

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    Default Re: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    Like PPs, I have never been able to comfortable nurse from the top breast. Like Auderey, I just scoot baby over and lay down on the other side.

    I have heard that if you put baby's head on your arm (like a side-lying cradle hold), his head will be closer to your top breast and that might make it easier. But I found it awkward and a bit tougher to balance (compared to putting my arm straight out, or tucking it under my head). Plus my baby is a little furnace when he nurses, and his head would get all sweaty against my arm :P

    One thing that helps me overall with nursing side-lying is using the little wedge pillow that I used during pregnancy under my belly, but now I position it under my hip/butt, so that I get a little extra support tilting my torso toward baby without having to hold my body tense or put my legs in weird positions.

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    Default Re: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    Have you tried putting a pillow between your thighs? or bend your knee on your top leg and prop a couple pillows under it to support your weight so you aren't twisting at your lower back?

    I hope that makes sense...
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    I also used to have back problems while side lying but I realized that the baby's position was causing the problem. So I now get comfortable first then postition the baby and when I switch sides I hug her and roll over instead of trying to use the opposite breast. I've just found it hard to do so rolling over is always a good option.

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