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Thread: when you are sick..

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    Hi mamas,

    I've come down with a nasty cold and feel just awful. I know it's just a cold, but really I am miserable. Just wondering what you all do with your babes when you are feeling unwell. I know to keep BFing, and that isn't a problem...it's the rest of the time when we'd normally be playing or out doing something. We don't live near family (in another country, actually), our friends all work and I don't feel right asking them to take time off, and my husband -- who would normally stay home -- is preparing his dissertation defense for early next week, so he really isn't able to be home on daddy duty right now.

    Yesterday we stayed at home and hung out in the bedroom. I brought toys and books back and he played while I just rested. It worked, but I felt terrible -- like he wasn't getting the attention and stimulation he needed/wanted. I kept thinking he was thinking, "what's the matter with mama, she isn't playing with me?" He's 9.5 months old, btw.

    I'm not taking anything, medicine wise. Some fenugreek tea with honey, and saline nasal spray, and loads of vitamin C. But, that's it. I am oh-so-protective of my milk supply, so am hesitant to try any decongestant, anti-histamine, etc. I don't have an appetite at all, but am forcing myself to eat as much as I can.

    Anyway, anything you do to help a cold go away quicker and/or to help cope with mama duty while you aren't feeling the greatest?


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    hang in there, you are doing exactly what we did, now when I'm ill and LO isn't I send him to preschool but before I returned to work and before he was in preschool we handled it pretty much like you are.... take care of you - drink lots of fluids..... steamy baths/showers are good, and Rest rest rest.....
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    I don't think he will mind chilling out with you for a few days...they don't need nearly as much structured activity as we think feel better soon
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    I worried about the same thing - what if she's bored?! But soon realized that she didn't mind at all. They just want to be with you, for the most part Books, toys, snacks, cuddles, songs or CDs. Feel better soon!!

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    take it easy and keep doing as you are doing; It's only for a few days and the most important thing for your LO is that you are simply there. When DS was a baby I had a really bad cold that developped into a sinusitis and I was empty of all possible energy. I got myself comfortable on the floor of his room and he happily played away. He kept coming up to me and giving me hugs and kisses to get better - so cute! At the moment DS, myself and DD have a bit of a cold so we are all just chilling out and relaxing.

    The best thing for you right now is to get enough rest that way you'll get over this asap and you'll soon be running around after your Lo in no time

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