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Thread: Menstruation/Milk drying up??

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    Default Menstruation/Milk drying up??

    This is my first time posting anywhere... Hope someone is listening! Sorry so long.

    My DS is 7 months old. I had one AF at 3 months, then nothing, then again at 6 months and now again at 7 months. Each time I felt my milk was very very low, and I am normally slightly paranoid about my supply to begin with. I have never had much luck with the pump, I am a stay at home mom and I could never seem to find time to pump given he loves to nurse.
    At 4 months or so I started pumping his bedtime meal and adding cereal to help sleeping thru the night. I could never justify letting him CIO b/c I always feared he was hungry. The amount I was pumping (2-3 oz) became insufficient, and I could not keep up with his appetite. So I started supplementing with ABM at bedtime.
    When AF came, I started giving him ABM to make up for the low supply I experienced for almost 2 weeks. Milk came back after the 6 month AF. This past AF the same thing happened and I supplemented, but this time was much worse. AF (7 month) has been gone for 2 weeks and I have next to nothing it feels like. Enough for my 6 am wake up feeding and a little snack here and there thru the day! I have been taking calcium magnesium, fenugreek, and eating oatmeal. I tried to pump today for the first time in a while, and I got less than 1oz after 15 min. (both sides)
    DD loves to nurse but has also grown to love his bottle. Now I feel like I have ruined my supply and don't know what to do or if it is possible to bring it back!! I wanted to EBF until a year at least, but I am on the verge of giving up. This whole situation makes me very very sad. I feel like I am supplementing with BM rather than ABM.
    Has anyone experienced this? Any thoughts on if it is possible to bring back the supply? Should I continue to try and BF even if it is only a meal and a snack or just throw in the towel?

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    Default Re: Menstruation/Milk drying up??

    Nothing is better at getting your supply up then nursing. When you have AF, you should see if you can nurse more frequently. Supplementing while your supply is low will just throw a wrench in the works if you are not also emptying your breasts more frequently.

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    Default Re: Menstruation/Milk drying up??

    Usually AF just reduces supply a small amount, and nursing more over the few days when your supply is lower provides your baby with plenty. It is usually pretty minor and temporary.

    What does seriously reduce supply, however, is supplementing. When your baby is taking formula, he's not giving your body the cues (through sucking) that it needs to be producing milk, and therefore, supply slows down. But it's not too late to reverse this process! You need to slowly wean off the supplements and back onto the breast.

    Here is a great link on weaning babies from formula supplements - http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/basi...rease-formula/

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    Default Re: Menstruation/Milk drying up??

    with the PPs. The link JoMo posted is definitely the one to follow.

    Nurse more and pump more, and it is definitely possible to resurrect your supply. Moms can get their milk supply back even after drying up completely- it's called relactation. So if a mom can start from scratch and get everything she needs, just think how far ahead in the game you are!

    Definitely don't throw in the towel. Even if you continue to supplement, making milk is beneficial to your health and drinking breastmilk is beneficial for baby's health.

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    Default Re: Menstruation/Milk drying up??

    Mama...quitting because of this? No way! This is a minor set back and you can do this! You are actually in the ideal situation to counteract a supply decrease, being a stay at home mom...you dont have to pump only during the day. I agree with the advise and link above, but i wanted to jump on here and get you out of the quitting mentality! .
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