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Thread: washing pump parts and bottles

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    Default washing pump parts and bottles

    I am tired of washing pump parts and bottles at home so I just ordered a basket to contain all the little pieces in the dishwasher. Does anyone else here wash their pieces in the dishwasher? Do you use regular detergent? What about rinse aid? (My husband has some kind of obsession with Jet Dry.)

    When hand washing, what detergent do you use? I find most detergents have so much perfume in them that the plastic absorbs the smells to some degree. I had been using unscented Dr. Bronner's but that doesn't get them totally clean I find. I can't find unscented dish detergent, even at the health food store.

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    Default Re: washing pump parts and bottles

    Re: handwash, Method dish soap or Method gel hand soap. I find that with a really hot water rinse I can't smell the soap. Although now I'm going to check because I haven't consciously thought about it. I'm guessing I'd have noticed if there was a strong smell. Add on thought, I also use Method baby laundry detergent and their baby dryer sheets for all our wash so I don't have to separate.
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    Default Re: washing pump parts and bottles

    I use the dishwasher to wash everything - pump parts, bottles, nipples. We use the Method dish tabs - unscented. We don't use rinse aid. (I'm laughing about your husband and the Jet Dry!)


    We use this for regular dish soap and when I do hand-wash, it works fine. For some reason it's a little hard to find this in stores:

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    Default Re: washing pump parts and bottles

    Seventh Generation makes a "Free and Clear" dishwashing soap that we often use. No fragrance at all. I usually handwash my pump parts out of a worry that my dishwasher would never get those little recesses clean but your dishwasher might be better. I'd definitely do it top shelf only, to keep it away from the hottest part of the dishwasher.

    Dr. Bronners is castile soap and it takes a lot of water to rinse it off. It is no good for washing dishes in my opinion. Even most folks I know who use it for everything use dishwashing soap for their dishes.

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    Default Re: washing pump parts and bottles

    I used the dishwasher for all pump parts except the small membranes (since they could go down the drain), using generic powdered dishwasher detergent. Used to use jet dry but now have a water softener so we don't. Membranes would be quickly hand-washed using generic dish soap (like joy). I never noticed any odor. Just be careful things don't disappear!
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