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Thread: Night Weaning 21 month old?!!

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    Default Night Weaning 21 month old?!!

    I’m a mom of a beautiful 21 month old little boy and newly pregnant with our second about 6 weeks along. My son usually night nurse about 2-3 times but around 430-5am until 630a he wants to nurse the whole time. I’m really sore and getting frustrated. Any help from moms out there? Should I night wean or is this normal? Also, was told by someone that since we co-sleep that its harder for him to night wean. I love nursing but its hardest in the wee hours of the morning don’t mind the 12am or even 230am feeding there short and sweet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Night Weaning 21 month old?!!

    hi mama, congratulations! most moms lose most or all of their milk when pregnant, plus the hormones can make nipples very sore (painful nursing). my guess is that's what's going on here. it is possible to nurse through a pregnancy, even without milk, but you'll have to decide whether you want to do that.

    bumping for others' advice on how to wean.
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    No advice really, but my son weaned himself when I was about 16 weeks pregnant and my supply really dried up. Until then, I was discouraging nursing a bit and offering cuddles and other types of affection instead. We continued to cosleep through my pregnancy, at least for part of the night. When my son weaned, he switched to stroking my hair to comfort himself back to sleep at night.

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    Default Re: Night Weaning 21 month old?!!

    My dd stopped nursing during the night during my pregnancy...maybe her age? Maybe because my milk dried up? The hardest ones to get rid of were the right before bed nursing and the first thing in the morning one.
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    My first daughter was about 18 months old when I got pregnant with her sister. The nursing was painful for a while, and the worst for me was the overnights. I used to pinch my leg really hard to keep from shouting at her while she was nursing to sleep. She has a full size bed in her room and I would nurse her to sleep and then rejoin her on her first wake-up. She woke up about every three hours at that point. My husband took over bedtime with her and she started sleeping 6 hours as her first stretch of sleep. After a few months of that, my husband took over the rest of the night. If she needed someone to sleep with her (even now, actually), he would go sleep with her in her bed.

    If you don't mind keeping the other sessions, maybe you could go sleep somewhere else after the 2:30 am feeding at let DH deal with him at the next waking?

    Oh - and it's completely normal. And you may or may not want to night-wean. I needed to because I did not want to be dealing with two children by myself at night.

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