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Thread: How long did you send breastmilk to daycare?

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    Default Re: How long did you send breastmilk to daycare?

    I haven't read the other replies, but I still send BM to DD's DCP (2 cups a day) and she is 15 months old. Just recently she transitioned into the toddler room and they simply store her EBM cups in the infant roon fridge and get her cup out for lunch. I drop her off at breakfast time, so I just leave that cup with her. She was taking 3 cups EBM when she was in the infant room, but in the toddle room gets 1 with breakfast & 1 with lunch and a water cup for snack. I did have to do a little batteling about BM in the toddler room, but with a very heated phone call to the DCP's reginal manager and a Dr prescription for breastmilk, it got settled quickly and DD won't get cow' milk until i give written consent, whcih won't happen until she is at least 2 years old, which by that point I should be a SAHM. NAK.
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    Default Re: How long did you send breastmilk to daycare?

    I'm still sending it, and my son is 9 months. I plan on doing it until he's one year. He started becoming less interested in the bottle at about 7 or 8 months, so I only send 10 oz. Sometimes he drinks it all, sometimes a couple of ounces get tossed.

    I have a few friends who quit around 7-8 months, and just use formula at daycare.

    He's definitely hungry when I get in the door, though.

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    I like this question too - I send 12 ounces of BM for my LO (he's at DC from 8:30 to 4:30), but he just started solids and doesn't finish all his bottles everytime now. I pump 3 x at work...and sometimes at 6 am (to build my freezer supply). I'm liking the thought of pumping less at work...LO has just started taking a LITTLE water in a sippy cup, so maybe I'll start sending that to DC too. I really like hearing what others are doing with this...
    Sometimes I get stressed when I'm not pumping 12 ounces for the next day...

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    I stopped pumping gradually around 10 months. DD stopped taking a bottle or would take it infrequently. I'd often get home and find the EBM still in the fridge or find out she just refused it. She was eating plenty of solids so I didn't fret. I would pump 1-2 days a week just in case she chose to take a bottle. By 11 months, I didn't pump at all unless it was a long day and I needed to relieve pressure, but the gradual weaning allowed that not to happen so much.

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    With DD1 I stopped at 13 months but that was due to supply issues. I will send EMB with DD2 as long as she needs. At least 12 months though.. and I go home and nurse her on my lunch break

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