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Thread: anybody army? serious question.

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    Default anybody army? serious question.

    My 1sg is pissed I don't have a license. He is saying it makes me military non compliant, but has worked it down to "a personal choice has made you non compliant".
    my pumping schedule ( every 2 hours beginning at 1000) made the instructor kick me out of class.
    anyway, top said he's going to IG to see what kind of limitations he can put on my pumping, legally.

    I feel like legally he can't tell me to stop pumping, or tell me to go 4+ hours without pumping, and I know that legally I was supposed to be given a sanitary, private place to pump( which I haven't pushed because I enjoy pumping in my car).

    But what is IG gonna say to my 1sg?
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    Default Re: anybody army? serious question.

    I'm not clear on whether the Army is subject to the same laws as other employers.

    Have you taken a look the Breastfeeding in Combat Boots website (and/or book)?

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    Default Re: anybody army? serious question.

    This is what I found from the book "Breastfeeding in Combat Boots"


    The Army does not have a breastfeeding policy in place at this time and only offers the standard six weeks of maternity leave. As a soldier, you will be worldwide deployable at six months postpartum. However, breastfeeding does not exempt you from going to the field. The Army does offer a sample letter to be used for educating, planning, and requesting a time and a place to pump after return to duty. This could easily be adapted for use by members of the other services. Within the Female Readiness Guide, there is a brief section on supporting the breastfeeding soldier.

    Army- AR 614-30 Deployment (Table 3-1 #33) AR614_30 ALARACT 171/2008 ALARACT 171/2008

    Soldiers will be considered available for worldwide deployment 6 months after giving birth.

    Breastfeeding Support Plan, Sample Memorandum Army Sample Breastfeeding Memo Commander

    Provide information on breastfeeding to educate Commanders and postpartum Soldiers, and propose a support plan to assist Soldiers in breastfeeding on return to duty.

    Section X of the TG281 (A Guide to Female Soldier Readiness) Army Female Soldier Readiness Guide

    It is critical that leaders support their Soldiers. The ability to successfully continue breastfeeding after returning to work involves space, time, and support. Leaders need to provide female Soldiers with social and administrative support if the decision is made to continue breastfeeding after returning to work. Providing a designated space in the workplace where mothers may express breastmilk is important since many active-duty mothers do not have private offices. If a designated room cannot be provided, the use of empty conference rooms or offices may suffice.

    I'm in the Navy and completely sympathize with you !! You have it ALOT rougher than I though and I REALLY hope that you are able to win this. LEGALLY, your 1sg can't do squat. All he can do is complain. It is FEDERAL law that a woman has the RIGHT to breastfeed and he can't take that away from you completely. Google "breastfeeding in combat boots" or"breastfeeding in the army" and a link will come up for the breastfeeding in combat boots website. It gives you a direct link to the memo and you can use that against your 1sg, and hopefully use it to help you out. I pasted the part from the website on my reply here. I hope this helps at least a little! I can't believe what jerks are still out there in the military and that he would actually TRY to take that away from you ! Good Luck and I hope everything works out in your favor !

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