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Thread: Weight gain slowing down - decreasing supply?? Help

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    hmmm... I'm just not used to keeping track of their weight so much!!! I've had four kids and everyone is so worried about how much their baby is eating and gaining. Should I be that concerned too??? LOL! Maybe I'm being negligent, but as long as he is wiggling, pooping, and demanding his food... even if he only eats for a few minutes... I'm not worried... and he's on the small end.... roughly the 5th percentile. Neither myself nor my doc are concerned.

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    @krissynfour... in France it's normal to get baby weighed every week for the first month then every couple of weeks. Saying that with DD I wasn't stressed out about her weight to begin with as I felt she was nursing, peeing and pooping enough. It just shocked me a little the other week when the pedi told me I'd have to supplement due to DD not gaining?! Am due to see her in about a weeks time so am going to check out her scales, which I think are way off! My DS was (and still is) on the lower end of the weight scale, but my stress with him was due to bfing difficulties and the plain fact that I was a first time Mum! As it turns out he is just a very, very active kid who loves to run about and who has an appetite of a horse, so I've stopped worrying about his weight gain (even with some comments from some 'concerned' family members and friends).

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    I am new here. If baby is having plenty of wet diapers and poops I personally wouldn't worry. Also, your husband needs to be more sensitive. Hang in there mama!

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