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Thread: Breastfeeding, Naps & Daycare

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    Default Breastfeeding, Naps & Daycare

    Hello all, I am having difficulties putting my son in daycare. He's 16 months old and has been sleeping at my breast since born. Last week I attempted to go back to work and thought I had found a great home daycare. He cried and cried when the owner tried to put him down for a nap which ended up making the other children wake up and missing their naps. So she told us it wouldn't work out and now I am left with having to extend my mat leave (again) and unsure of what to do next. We have thought of him missing his nap but that just makes him grumpy and extremely tired the next day. Unfortunately we need two incomes to support us or I would love to stay at home with him. We have tried a few things to try to help him sleep on his own (from Elizabeth Pantley's and Dr. Sears books). The only thing we have not tried is to let him CIO. That's not our parenting style and I don't think it would work in the end. He not only cries, but also kicks and stands up in his crib. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Would it be easier to wait till he's 2 to put him in daycare? Thanks for reading.

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    my son is 19 months and takes naps at dc without the breast but always falls asleep nursing at home.

    i would not let him CIO if it were me (and you don't seem to like that either).

    maybe your dh could transition into taking over bedtime? you could nurse through the night if necessary, but your dh could take that initial "go to bed" time?

    maybe even make a new routine, like nurse, bath, books, rock to sleep with daddy and some soothing music.

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    I wish I had better advice, but all I can offer is that you should probably start whatever you are going to do now. Toddlers can be inflexible little people, so I do not think it will be any easier at 2.

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    I feel like maybe your DCP isn't trying hard enough? Maybe she's too overwhelmed to try different methods or be more creative with it? Even if he won't nap, perhaps he would play with something quietly while the other children sleep. This doesn't seem like a do-or-die thing.

    My son was always a touch and go napper. No way he would have gone down for a stranger on the first (or fifth) try. Heck no! But I bet a lot of kids are like that. She's really giving up after only one week of trying?

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    to PP. My son stayed with my mom since he was 3 months old, and stopped going down with a bottle around a year. But my mom had a family emergency that left her gone for several days a week for several weeks in a row around when he was 16-18 months... so I had a girl I know try and keep him. He was fine until it was nap time, then proceeded to cry hysterically until I got there. We tried again with another friend that he had spent more time with - same thing. We ended up not being able to leave him with anyone else on those days. Now all that to say... had I spent more time with my friend with LO, he may have become more accustomed to her and eventually settled down. It would have taken patience on her part, and some steel on mine to know he was going to cry.(NOT CIO). My LO is very stuck on his routine, it changed and he didn't like it much. But new routines can be developed...it just takes time and patience.

    I too am surprised that the dcp is giving up so quickly??
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    Maybe find a really small daycare? One with only older kids? I do thus so my DCP had time to spend with my baby/toddler and hold him if need be.
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    I agree that your DCP didn't try hard enough. Is there any way you can hire a sitter? Our sitter/nanny is affordable (luckily we don't live in a big city, she's young and just starting out as a nanny, and we only need her 6-7 hours a day) and has really been great with getting my DD to nap, as well as making our lives easier, for the most part. She came from a daycare where she said they weren't allowed to rock the kids -- so I would imagine waking the other kids up is par for the course. I would also think any DCP would expect kids to have a tough transition.
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    It seems like a hard transition for you LO to both go to DCP AND take naps on his own at the same time. If it were me, I would try to get him transitioned to going down for a nap without you FIRST, then try taking him back to daycare. Are there days coming up when your husband or a friend can put him down for a nap? I would definitely leave the house while he did, so your LO would know you are not an option.

    I also want to say that I now believe some babies just aren't going to learn to fall asleep on their own without crying. I didn't believe it until my DS (now 9 mo) resisted any and every method of getting him to take a nap (aside from car rides and walks in the stroller from which he would wake easily). He is incredibly persistent and determined and did not want to fall asleep lest he miss anything. This went on until he was about 5 months old (and chronically overtired) and we had exhausted every means of trying to get him to fall asleep, since we both did not want him to CIO. My husband was at home with him one day and could not put him in the stroller to get him to fall asleep since it was raining, and so put him in his crib. He cried for about 20 minutes and then slept for an hour. After a few times, he would usually fall asleep without crying at all. However, every time we have company (which is exciting for him) he will resist his naps because he doesn't want to miss out on anything. However, letting him go without a nap is worse in the long run because he ends up crying a lot later when he gets overtired.

    My point is that as much as I hate the idea of letting them CIO, for SOME babies NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK. Don't beat yourself up over it if yours is one of those.

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