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Thread: 1 month baby won't take the bottle

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    Unhappy 1 month baby won't take the bottle

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a FTM and going back to work in a month's time
    My 1 month old baby girl loves to feed on my breast but completely refuses the bottle
    I need to make sure she starts taking the bottle in the mornings because I'd be at work from 7 to 3 everyday and my house is 30 minutes Away from my office therefore there is no way I can feed her during my breaks
    I tried different nipples with my expressed milk but she just won't accept anything in her mouth but my breast
    Can anyone help?? I would realllyyy appreciate, I'm starting to get stressed out about the whole issue and she would just cry out loud so hard when I try the bottle + she has a moderate VSD and I'm worried the loud crying would make her heart condition worse
    Any advice would be very appreciated

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    Try having someone else offer and you not even be home.
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    Default Re: 1 month baby won't take the bottle

    Our LO took a bottle of my milk at one month, and has refused the two subsequent attempts. Out of concern for burning her, I think we weren't heating the bottles enough (they didn't feel quite at body temp on the wrist). Also, we only have Newborn nipples whereas my flow is quite strong, so she might not be getting the milk as quickly as she's accustomed.

    I agree with the above poster that having someone else do it when you're not around could be helpful. As my DH put it, why would baby take a substitute when the real deal is inches away?

    My aunt had a similar problem with my cousin, and she would take him outside, then pop in the bottle while he was distracted by the new surroundings. I haven't tried that approach yet, but it sounds promising.

    I hope you can make it work!

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