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Thread: Low milk supply, breast refusal

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    Default Low milk supply, breast refusal

    Hi there.. I'm one desperate mother who needs help from expert.. experienced mother or maybe consultant.

    My problem is bigger because here in my country I can't find breastfeeding consultant, nor I can buy much needed equipment like double pump.. so I'm struggling with my baby and we are both frustrated and giving up on breastfeeding..

    Well I will explain my problem, and maybe someone could suggest what can I do..

    I have 6 weeks old baby who is mostly bottle fed last two weeks.. From start, even in hospital he was fed with bottle (I had Cesarean section and he wasn't with me for 4 days). I have low supply in one breast (had this with first child too) and was recommended by pediatrician to supplement with formula. Because I wasn't informed enough I gave this supplement with bottle after each breastfeed, and 3 weeks later, my baby won't nurse on breast!

    Well I still have supply issue, I'm pumping my milk with single electric pump (it's sooo annoying), and finish this always with hand expression so I'm sure my breasts are empty. I'm getting around 3 OZ per pump, 6 times daily. I know I should be pumping at least 8 times, but I just can't find time (again, I don't have double pump..). Baby nurses on breast only at night, and for 5 min only.. he hates my breasts now

    I bought Medela SNS, no help, he still want to feel silicone in his mouth. What can I do? I can't throw bottles like someone suggested and let him cry until he accepts breast again.. I just don't have guts for this. Is it too late to try syringe or cup feeding? Nipple shields? I don't know how to use these ,but I read that maybe can help. I'm totally confused and inexperienced in this, please help..

    I would be grateful for few ideas..
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    Default Re: Low milk supply, breast refusal

    Can you get a nipple shield? I am able to "trick" my little one into nursing bc he will think its the bottle at first. Also I can recommend pumping the side the baby is not nursing on while your nursing that it saves time and helps your body think the baby is eating even more. If you can get some fenugreek that may help too, I notice it is helping my supply go up. Good luck! I hope someone else can offer more advice as well

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