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Thread: Is my son weaning?

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    Default Is my son weaning?

    Hello all!

    I have a 10, almost 11, month old who has been an avid breastfeeder from day one. He has been eating solids since he was about six months old and loves to eat a variety of foods. He is in daycare during the day and I pump twice a day while at work. I noticed last weekend that he doesn't necessarily ask to breastfeed during the day. Don't get me wrong, he won't turn it down, but he is not asking for the breast until bed time and at least once during the night. My question is, should I just nurse him when he asks for it, or should I keep with this schedule to keep my milk up? I don't know how to recognize the weaning process and really want it to happen naturally. Any suggestions, or anecdotes would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much!

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    I suppose it depends on what your breastfeeding goals are. Personally, I would offer.


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    Great link! I had no idea that the "don't offer, don't refuse" mindset is a weaning technique. I will keep feeding him on a scheduled basis until he is really ready to wean. The bad part about pumping is that you are so aware of the amount of milk your body is producing. It always freaks me out to see such a small amount pumped so I just thought that my body and my baby were working together to wean.

    What are the real signs of a weaning child?

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    Weaning is a process that can take months or years. It starts the moment you offer something other than your own milk, and ends only when mom or baby refuses to nurse. You'll know your baby is permanently weaned when he no longer asks to nurse and also refuses to nurse when you offer.

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    it's also really normal for babies that age to just get busy during the day; distraction does not mean they're weaning, though some moms take the opportunity to encourage weaning at that point. it sounds like you don't really want him to wean right now, so you want to keep offering. not necessarily "on a scheduled basis", but make a point to offer before every meal, and whenever else you want during the day. "cue feeding" can mean at MOM's cue too!
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    Babies go through separation anxiety phases and independent phases. It's common to go through an independent phase during that 9-12 month period, but then a lot of babies (not all) get pretty clingy again around a year. So a lot of moms think their babies are weaning during that independent period, because baby is so busy and active they don't seem to want to nurse much, but then a lot of babies go back to nursing very frequently ("like a newborn" is something you often hear ) around a year. So basically, this all sounds normal! I would probably continue to offer, just knowing it's likely to change.

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