Hang in there! I agree that you should try to get her to nurse anytime she is willing - even if that is in her sleep. My DD started refusing the breast while awake around 2.5 months. I have no idea why. I went back to work at 3 months, so she's used to bottles during the day now. I feed her in her sleep before I got to bed around 10pm. Then, for an overnight feeding, she may or may not nurse (if I am very full because of a longer stretch of sleep, she will). So, some days, she'll nurse just once a day. That's it. The rest of the time she is bottle-fed and I pump. But I am being stubborn and refusing to let go of that one nursing session per day - because I just can't get myself to give up the hope that as long as she still has the skills to nurse, that one day she may surprise me and nurse while awake.