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Thread: Starting Daycare TOMORROW! Documents in Spanish?

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    Default Starting Daycare TOMORROW! Documents in Spanish?


    My first day back to work is TOMORROW! My little guy will be starting daycare and i'm so nervous! I am only working 3 days/week for the next 3 weeks so at least we are easing into it.

    I have plenty of stored milk and am able to get 6-8oz from a morning pumping session so hopefully i'll be able to produce plenty of milk for him while i'm at work.

    My daycare provider is a lovely lady from Bolivia--she speaks enough english to get by, but i'm wondering if the LLL documents about bottle feeding a breast fed baby are also available in Spanish? I would love to print out some info for her. If any one has a link to the documents? Otherwise I can try to navigate the Spanish myself!

    Thanks all!

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    Default Re: Starting Daycare TOMORROW! Documents in Spanish?

    so here is the Kellymom doc but I don't see a spanish copy? maybe there is a translator tool?

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