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Thread: 10 month old, waking at night

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    Default 10 month old, waking at night

    Hi, Just need a bit of support or advice...am new here. Am predominately BF my lo, with 1 bottle of Hipp Organic at 6.30pm ( changed from Aptamil Comfort 3 weeks ago).
    The last 4 weeks have been horrendous, she has had a cold, I think she is teething...top 2 middle...but she is waking screaming 4-5 times per night. The only thing that settles her is a bf, but am i creating bad habits?? HV just says she shouldn't need the calories at this age and that I should try water...I can imagine the screams now. If I don't feed her she somtimes settles back down, but can scream for a long time....last night I gave her as short feed, which worked and she settled but at soon as i put her back in cot she woke, an hour later I gave up and fed her.
    We have been referred to paediatrics in case she is lactose intolerant, but I go back to work on 1st November and will not be able to function on the amount of sleep I am currently getting.
    Thanks in advance :-)

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    Welcome to the forum!

    When babies are sick or teething or going through growth spurts or mastering major motor milestones, it's normal for them to return to higher levels of night-waking. 4-5 night-wakings is awful, but it's also not atypical. Nursing your LO in this situation is not going to create "bad" habits. Inconvenient habits, perhaps; bad habits, no.

    I think your HV gave some pretty typically bad information. Some babies don't need nighttime calories at 10 months. Others continue to need to nurse at night. I nursed both my kids at least 1-2 times a night at that age, and I do believe they needed it!

    I would check out Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for a realistic look at infant sleep and for some gentle techniques which may result in more independent and longer stretches of sleep. The one thing that strikes me from your post is that you're already giving one bottle of formula per day. If you have a partner, why not share the nighttime parenting burden and have your partner give that bottle of formula in the middle of the night? That would mean a significant reduction in the number of times you have to get up and deal with things!

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    Default Re: 10 month old, waking at night

    research has shown that breastfeeding moms (and dad) get more sleep. like 45 mins a night, says the Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple reference book. it's SO much easier to just nurse the baby and fall back asleep - it settles the baby faster, you don't have to fully wake up and mix a bottle, etc. it says, even when dad gives the bottle in the middle of the night, that leads to less sleep for mom (on average). so by all means find the routine in your family that gives you the most sleep, but be creative about how that happens: consider co-sleeping or bed-sharing, going to bed at 7 or 8 pm when baby does, etc. that is what allowed me to cope when i was working full time witha little baby.
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    Default Re: 10 month old, waking at night

    If she teething she is in pain. And your breastmilk has oxcytocin in it that helps relieve the pain. I would try dosing with Motrin before bed. IF it gets you at least one 2-3hour stretch back then you know it's pain. So try to be empathetic and feed. And when the increased night wakings due to teething or going on,you may want to consider co-sleeping at the 1st night waking to avoid all the back and forth. Because it's going to happen. And you aren't sleeping through the screaming anyway so you may as well comfort her and help he relieve the pain.

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