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Thread: Feeling so sad about baby fussing during BFing

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    Default Feeling so sad about baby fussing during BFing

    My little one has been fussing through about half of her awake feedings for several days now and its really getting to me. I'm so sad that she isn't content at my breast.

    I've worked so hard for the past 12 weeks to make breastfeeding successful. Worked with two LLL leaders, met with two IBCLCs (the first was terrible), read everything I could, etc. I started with an oversupply and was coached to block nurse to regulate my supply. The person who recommended it is very well respected in my circle and she assured me that it wouldn't reduce my supply too much....

    Well, now my sweet girl is crying and popping off after every other suck during most feedings and, after emailing with Jack Newman several times, it appears the reason is that my flow is too slow. I have adequate milk, as evidenced by diaper output and weight gain, but Dr. Newman says babies prefer a fast flow and oftentimes remedies for oversupply end up slowing down flow, even if supply is adequate.

    His suggestion: domperidone. Yes, I've gone from block nursing to domperidone.

    I'm so frustrated. But mostly, I'm so sad. All I want is a happy, enjoyable breastfeeding relationship with my baby. I want her to find contentment and security at my breast. Instead she cries when I move her into feeding position.

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    Default Re: Feeling so sad about baby fussing during BFing

    Mama: Don't let this get you down. Nursing a newborn is tough! There's a reason why people call the first three months of a baby's life the "4th trimester". There isn't any time in your child's future when she will be developing, changing, and/or learning as fast as she is right now. There is no other placental mammal on the planet whose offspring are born as weak, uncoordinated, and helpless as human babies, and that's why struggling with nursing is normal. It's also temporary. Your baby is going to outgrow this fussy, difficult period and I promise you that eventually nursing is going to be fun and pleasant. I had an awful time nursing my first kid. The first 3 months were hell. By 6 months it only felt like purgatory. But after that, it was heaven.

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    Talking Re: Feeling so sad about baby fussing during BFing

    I can empathasize completely. Although our day feedings go well, and there are LOTS of em, nighttime has been rough (DD is 9 weeks). Lots of fussing, crying, release, re-latch, vigorous painful sucking, choking (too fast), whining/bobbing (too slow), thrashing, scratching, passing out for 5 or 10 min, I pass out lured into a false sense of security then her lungs wake me up - it's exhausting! When I google an issue or look here or on Kelly mom, it's always normal and a zillion people are going thru the same thing. The only discomforts i notice that drive some of this are congestion discomfort (worse at night) and painful gas. So hopefully with you it's just standard infant stuff. I keep telling myself with just a few weeks maternity leave left, I'd rather be exhausted with her than not have her at all. Although I do wish I could clear her congestion and help her gas.
    We co-sleep, which is good in that I'd otherwise be running to the nursery 100x/night but on the downside our bed is like the (not so) Fun House. Maybe House of Horrors?
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    Default Re: Feeling so sad about baby fussing during BFing

    Right there with both of you. Over to under supply would make me pull my hair out. I have OS/OALD that is making my four-week-old quite stressed at the breast! This experience of every feeding being a battle--not the picture I had painted of what BF would be like, though I had a vague idea it might not come naturally at first. People seemed to assure me at every turn that it takes just a week or maybe two for mom and baby to get the hang of BF. Well, we've had a couple of calm, lovely, textbook feedings that are keeping me hopeful that someday...everything will click. In the meantime it's nice to know I'm not alone struggling through these first several weeks. Even if you're confirming that these sorts of struggles may take more time to resolve than I thought. I hope you two are right on the cusp of smooth sailing.

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