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Thread: bottles for breastfed babies

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    Default bottles for breastfed babies

    I've been told that some bottles are better for breastfed babies than others because they mimic the breast better. Does this apply after breastfeeding is "well established"? A LC told us when baby was first born and we had to do some supplementing to choose a nipple with a wide base. We've been using the Dr. Brown's widemouth bottles ever since, but I'd love to switch to a bottle that is compatible with my PISA to reduce the number of bottles we are washing. Does anyone have a bottle that works with the PISA that they really like? Thanks

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    I only ever gave Joe the cheapest bottles (Evenflo, compatible with a PISA) with slow-flow nipples, and he was fine. I've heard some of the IBCLCs on this forum mention that these are often the best choice for breastfed babies (although not all babies will take them as easily as mine have). I loved that I could pump right into the bottles he would later drink from. And they are cheap so you can buy lots and not have to worry about doing dishes every single minute.

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    Yes - the Evenflo bottles are definitely compatible with the PISA. I used them with DS.

    Currently I use AVENT bottles (with newborn nipples) with DS. There is an adapter for them that fits on your PISA. But the nice thing about the Evenflo is that they are definitely more affordable!

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    I would use caution if you have supply issues still like me. My DS got bottle preference with Gerber bottles. My DD is 4 months now and likes nursing so much I think we are safe.
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    I used the ones that came with the PISA. always slow-flow nipples, never changed them.
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    Default Re: bottles for breastfed babies

    I'm no expert but I think there is no one size fits all with bottles -- you just have to do trial and error. It took a lot of work to overcome my LO's bottle refusal. We started with several types that mimic the breast shape, feel, and/or the shape was most similar to me. The brand that ended up being the one he finally accepted (Born Free) does not look anything like my shape, or mimic the breast. I almost wonder if the breast-like ones were frustrating to him (like "so close but no cigar!") and he needed something MORE different from breastfeeding? Who knows. It amazes me how such a tiny, new person can have such distinct and stubborn preferences! So maybe try a couple different kinds that work with your PISA and just see if baby accepts one of them as well as what you are using now? If they don't work, you can always go back to your Dr. Brown's, no harm no foul. Good luck

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