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Thread: Is this the start of something bad?

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    Default Is this the start of something bad?

    I've been nursing and pumping for a little over a month now,and everything is going good. I had a slight drop in supply, so I started pumping more and taking Fenugreek. I can see that it is working, but I have a sharp pain that is stabbing in the left breast now. I didn't feel anything like it before when my milk was coming in or even when I felt engorged. It is only occasional and I have no fever, redness, swelling or anything that looks like mastitis, but I am concerned that it could be something else. I don't feel like it is correlated with the increase in production, but I'm not sure. It is there even after I pump or nurse, if it is a plugged duct what can I do about it?

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    I am prone to plugged ducts leading to mastitis on one side, and what my midwife recommended was lots of rest and vit C, and hot castor oil compresses and massaging it out in the bath. And lots of nursing of course, preferably in different positions to drain more ducts. But I don't know if it sounds like a plugged duct or not - hopefully someone more knowledgeable will answer too!!

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    Do you feel a plug? Sometimes if you are very engorged you might not feel it, but otherwise if you carefully feel around you should be able to identify a plug.

    Did this start when you started pumping? pumps can cause breast injury if you are pumping at too high a level, pumping too long at a time, using improperly sized flanges, or pump is old and/or malfunctioning....

    read the kellymom.com articles on plugs and mastitis i suggest...

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    Could it be letdown sensations? Some women don't feel those until a few months into nursing. Usually it's a "pins and needles" sensation or a dull ache, though, not a stabbing pain, and it happens when your milk lets down (so it's easy to observe when pumping).

    A stabbing pain does suggest either clog/mastitis, or perhaps thrush?

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