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Thread: Nipple and breast pain

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    Question Nipple and breast pain

    I've read the sections about appropriate latch, forceful let down, vasospasm, etc. and nothing seems to be fitting my symptoms.

    I'm having some sharp pain in the nipple when DD latches on initially, but then after 30 seconds it goes away. I've read from LLL posts that this can be normal even with a good latch.

    The problem comes after 20-30 minutes of feeding. I start feeling sharp shooting pains in my breasts radiating back from my nipple every time she sucks. It feels like there is too much suction or that she's sucking on an empty breast. I spoke to a LC and they mentioned that its possible she is sliding down the nipple and that her latch is becoming shallow toward the end. So, I've attempted to unlatch her and re-latch, but the pain is still there after she re-latches. I've also tried different positions like reclined, football, and cradle.

    I dont see any whiteness around my nipple so I don't think its vasospasm. And its at the end of her breast feeding sessions so I don't think its a forceful letdown. The pain is enough to force me to break her latch and call it "enough" on that side. After these BFing sessions, my nipple and breast are sore.

    Any suggestions as to what this could be?

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    Default Re: Nipple and breast pain

    That sounds like an adjusted latch to me. And boy does it hurt. My son gets the comfort latch and makes me want to throw him off of me. I would unlatch at that point and if she wants to continue to nurse she has to latch properly. Just keep an eye of the pain, in case thrush is an issue. But what you are describing - the dry suck feeling - sounds like painful comfort nursing.
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