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Thread: Pumping and bottle advise please

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    I am returning to work in 4 weeks and need some advise. I would like to keep my supply as normal as possible. is there a way to do that while being gone for 8+ hours a day? Should I pump every 2-3 hours (that is what she's eating now)? Or just pump when my schedule allows it? I'm a school teacher so my schedule is predetermined with little wiggle room.

    Also, when should I introduce the bottle? I am a nervous wreck about doing this I don't want her to have it at all but I am left with no choice. Any recommendations on a bottle that is similar to the breast? I've use Dr. Brown's (I think that's right it's been 4 years since I used them) with my other daughter.

    Any advise would be great!

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    Congrats on your commitment to providing your baby with breastmilk while you're away at work! I would recommend pumping at least as often as she is eating now, which sounds like every 2 to 3 hours for you. I recommend pumping while commuting (if you're commute is at least more than 10 or 15 minutes). It's a great way to squeeze in a pumping session.

    RE: bottles. Ahhh - I fretted about this so much. Buy a few different brands and see which one she takes. But stick with SLOW FLOW nipples. We've been using AVENT bottles and they work well for us - I especially like the new AVENT natural - the nipples are very much like a real nipple and my daughter's lips flange around it just like nursing. I've also stuck with the "newborn" nipples that are provided with the bottles. They seem to be of an appropriate flow.


    But all babies are different so you may just have to experiment.

    Just pump as much as you can and everything will be just fine!!
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