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    So today my daughter and I had our final visit with our midwife. She is 8 weeks old, but the midwife wanted to see us a couple extra times because baby's weight gain has been slow. She checked me down there to see if I was healed up and everything, because I am still bleeding bright red and it didn't feel quite right down there to me. I've never had a yeast infection before, but she said it was a bit red and the internal was quite painful, so she said it's possible there might be some yeast going on. So I was just wondering, does that mean I might have thrush too? Is it related? I don't think we have symptoms, only my nursing pads consistently smell funny once they have milk on them, but just on one side. Could that be due to yeast too?


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    Without additional symptoms of yeast besides redness and pain on internal exam, I wouldn't diagnose vaginal yeast. Some degree of pain is common for nursing moms; prolactin production is sky-high when you're nursing a newborn, and that means that estrogen production is rock bottom low, and that means that you can end up with a vagina and vulva that feels menopausal. Dry, fragile, painful. If this is lactational atrophic vaginitis (yes, that's what it's called!), it should decrease in time, as estrogen levels rebound.

    Now, if this is yeast, then yes, thrush is related. However, it is quite possible to have vaginal yeast without yeast in the breast, or vice versa. I would not worry about this unless you have breast pain or the baby is diagnosed with oral thrush.

    Oh- and breast pads often smell funky after use. Sour milk, and all.

    ETA: what did your midwife say about the bleeding? Continued bright red bleeding at 8 weeks postpartum is unusual, as I'm sure you know. Was there any indication of retained placenta?
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