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Thread: Why now!?

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    Default Why now!?

    Made it to a year and a week of BFing! Yay!

    Now on to the issue...about 6 weeks ago I saw a LC about nipple pain while BFing and she said I had two blebs and was fighting thrush. I was treated with diflucan and APNO and it was supposed to get better. THe thrush seems to be gone, but one bleb that I have will not heal. The pore is open and milk flows, but there is trapped milk fats in there and it is really causing pain. I went back again today and we are starting gen violet tonight. But we have been struggling with this now for about 2 months or more...

    Things I have tried:
    -Lots of nursing
    -using a needle to pick it out
    -hot water baths to loosen it then nurse/pick with needle
    -APNO or lanolin to keep it moist
    -going braless to dry it out
    -taking lecithin
    -taking probiotic
    -both LO and I were treated for yeast

    I have no place to sun my nipples, though I have considered that. Is there anything esle I can try? I have got to get this thing out! The skin around it is all red and irritated.
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    Default Re: Why now!?

    eek! i dunno!

    how is your health otherwise? i wonder if there's a reason this thing is taking so long to heal. any colds, stress, exhaustion?
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    Default Re: Why now!?

    At this point, I wonder if maybe there's a bacterial cause for the crack staying open? IIRC, APNO has an antibiotic component, so I'd be religious about slathering that on.

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