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Thread: Residual tongue tie, lip tie, high palate. :drop

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    Default Re: Residual tongue tie, lip tie, high palate. :drop

    You're moving the goalposts for all those moms who think they only have to make it to 6 weeks before everything gets better...

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    Default Re: Residual tongue tie, lip tie, high palate. :drop

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*joe.s.mom View Post
    Of course, now that I've posted about it, I'm feeling like things are finally getting better! More feedings are totally effortless (and painless) now than before. Maybe there is something magic that happens around 10 weeks?
    I wonder! My DD suddenly started latching well at 9 weeks. I was actually a little freaked out the first time she came off and my nipple was all elongated and not creased. I'd never seen that before and was like "Is it supposed to do that?!?!"
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