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Thread: Preparing breastmilk for caretaker

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    Default Preparing breastmilk for caretaker

    Ok this feels dopey but I need a little how-to. If milk is frozen in storage bags do I defrost the night before and give milk still in bags to caretaker? Or do I prep all the bottles using lids and provide her with a couple bottle nipples. I also have little plastic storage trays with lids but it seems wasteful to transfer from bags, to trays to bottles. Milk would be lost each time.

    The advantage is see to having ready in bottles w/lids is less handling / pouring so less risk of spillage. Advice welcome. Thanks!
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    completely personal decisions in my mind.... you have to find what works best for you and go with it.... here's what worked for me:

    my caregiver was in home caregiver with children of her won as well as my babe and one other small child.

    I provided her with a few container of frozen milk in the original containers I pumped into. for me this was the avent via storage containers I chose these containers because I could pump and store and feed all from the same container and that really mattered to me with every drop counting. this allowed her to always have backup (i'll get to this later)

    I then would supply her at the end of each day (when picking up my son) with the fresh milk I had just pumped that day, she put it straight into the fridge for the next day's feeding. if it was Friday I took it home with me and would bring it back on Monday morning. I also picked up the dirty/empties at the end of each day.

    in addition any extra milk beyond the few containers in my DCP's freezer I would keep a tiny stash in my own freezer... every once in a while something major would happen and my DCP would have to use the backup stash at her house, and then I would have to replenish it.... usually it was because I had forgotten to bring the milk from work home, or forgotten to bring it to her on Monday morning.... so it usually worked out.

    now if you are committed to the bags for everyday use then decide what you want to do and adjust as you go. I think If I were you I would leave a few bags frozen with my DCP and each day supply the prepared bottles in small volumes to avoid any and all possibility of waste...
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    Default Re: Preparing breastmilk for caretaker

    If you at all have issues with a DCP and feeding, the best thing to do is provide them with the milk exactly as you want it given to your baby. If that's in 5 3 oz bottles, then be prepared to give it to them that way. Make them work to do it differently. That does not have to be how you start out, you can wait to see if there are issues before doing that, though.

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