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Thread: Pediatrician Told Me To Stop Breastfeeding

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    ok here is the study. it was done with extremely low birth weight infants. the study found that bottle fed infants gained faster, but breastfed babies exhibited less signs of stress during feeding, as measured by things like oxygen saturation, heart rate etc.

    the conclusion was that even extremely low weight infants should be breastfed but with breastfeeding support for the mom and possibly supplements as needed to optimize weight gain. http://pediatrics.aappublications.or.../100/6/e3.full

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    This is our regular pediatrician, the one from the hospital only works there and not in the clinic. I am trying to get him into a different pediatric clinic that I have heard good things about. It is just a long wait.

    That is what I was thinking about the calorie burning, but they have us limited to 15 min on each breast, so he does not do any extra suckeling at the breast where he is not getting anything.

    It seemed like his weight gain took a jump to about 1 oz a day after we started the 24 cal formula in the hospital with 2 oz after nursing 15 and 15. Now it has slowed to .4 oz a day of growth during the last week.

    Yes, being on the chart at all is a good thing. His birth weight was in the 50th but he has not been above the 3rd since he was 2 weeks old and spent the weeks before going into the hospital off the chart completely and this is the WHO chart.

    He is perfect! He smiles, coos, looks deeply into my eyes while nursing, copies facial expressions, holds his head up well, and seems perfectly healthy but tiny. He poops 1-2 times per day and wets 8+ times per day.

    Thanks for the article!

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    Please excuse typos typing one handed

    this must be so stressful for you kjames. i am amazed how well you are holding up. It sounds like your baby is healthy overall despite a slower than average weight gain, which is so great!

    What do you think the problem is-low supply or poor milk transfer? Both? or something else? have you been seen since the hospital by a lactation consultant? in the hosp, what did the before and after nursing weight checks indicate?

    Any way, here is my opinion for what it is worth, and please note that i am not a lactation consultant nor a doctor or nurse or in the healthcare field at all.
    if the goal is to get baby on or near the same 'curve; as his birthweight, that is very questionable-it is a known fact that birth weights are very often inaccurate for many reasons. for term and near term healthy birth weight infants, there is a push from breastfeeding experts to discount birth weight entirely and measure all growth from 24 hour weight due to this inaccuracy.

    if the goal is for baby to gain an ounce a day going forward, that is more reasonable but even that may simply be unrealistic for your baby. My understanding is that about an ounce a day is average weight gain. so, many healthy babies gain more slowly. how frequently is baby being weighed btw?

    I have no issues with necessary supplementation. necessary supplementation can be given in a breastfeeding supportive way. This usually means, use mothers own milk where possible, commercial formula where mothers milk is not possible, and feed baby with breastfeeding supportive methods like paced bottle feeding or bottle alternatives as you are comfortable with. but it is very important that when a baby is being supplemented, mom pumps with a very good-preferably hosp. grade-pump.. how often would depend on many factors.

    i do not understand at all the limit of 15 minutes per breast. this is terrible breastfeeding management. not only will it act to tank your milk production, it also limits the amount of higher fat breastmilk babies tend to get more of as a feeding goes on. isn't this counterproductive? are you also being told to limit or schedule how often baby is fed? In cases with poor weight gain where mom makes milk and baby can extract it, shouldn’t baby be encouraged to nurse as often and as long as baby wants?

    there must be a way to get a second opinion without having to wait ages. It is very bad practice to discourage or make it difficult for patients and parents to seek second opinions. i think there must be a way to contact that other doctor who has already treated your baby and is thus part of his healthcare team. I know its hard with everything that is going on to have to fight for yourself and your babies health this way.
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