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Thread: Freaking out while feeding

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    My LO is 6 weeks old today and we have experienced many BF challenges. We have seen two lactation specialists and takes to his pediatrician many times regarding our challenges. Our latest problem is that my LO is suddenly pulling off the breast and totally freaking out: he will start this process by starting a slight shaking of his head, then suddenly erupt into a red screaming mess- completely coming off of the breast head butting my breast and whaling. We have tried burping him, diapering him, and trying everything we can think of before putting him on the Breast again. Every time he starts feeding like normal, then he erupts again. Not really sure why he is doing this or what to do. Any suggestions would help.

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    head butting is a normal rooting behavior, as is side to side head shaking. It looks frantic when baby is frantic to nurse. are you nursing at the earliest, subtle cues? I suggest nurse at earliest cues or do not even wait for any cue. often if a baby is really hungry or frantic they get upset at tjhe breast. a calm baby nurses better. Babies typically need to nurse very very often at this age-a minimum of 10-12 times per 24 hour cycle.

    my oldest had difficulty with latching and maintaining latch and did those behaviors. Have you tried laid back positioning aka biological nurturing? gravity helps baby stay on the nipple in those positions. "traditional" sitting up positioning may cause gravity to pull baby off the nipple.

    were your previous challenges due to low milk supply? sometimes a slow letdown can cause frustration at the breast. but often it is actually a too fast letdown, oddly enough.

    and some babies are just fussy eaters.

    i suggest-read up on forceful letdown if you have not already. kellymom.com has a v. good article

    when baby freaks, calm him down by walking him around, patting him, rocking, soothing with your voice. he may need to burp, that is fine to try, but do it calmly maybe as you sway and rock-you being calm helps baby be calm. unless diapering is a calming experience i would not do that in the middle of trying to feed a baby. if baby is just not having it, cuddle him and try again just a little later.

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