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Thread: All night mommy buffet

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    This will probably be long, so if you want to skip it and just give tips to help baby sleep more than an hour at a time, that'd be great !

    My 8 mo old and I had the hardest time bf'ing for the first 4 months! Tongue tie issues mostly. So now that he nurses well, I'm greatful but bummed that he wants to nurse all night long! Nursing still hurts a little for me just due to his tongue issues, long story but trust me this is as good as it gets for us. It's not super painful but definitely not comfortable enough to sleep while he's nursing.

    He showed all the othe signs of reflux so I finally put him on Zantac about 7 wks ago and his daytime mood change dramatically for the better! He's no longer grumbling in pain all day but instead a super happy, playful, alert, smart and active baby!

    But he still cries a lot at night! Seems like he's in pain so I nurse him an he goes back to sleep only to wake an hour later.

    I'm co- sleeping on a floor bed , he hated the crib and I refuse to let him CIO.
    I tried night weaning by holding him , rocking him, singing etc but I feel he is not ready for that and his screams and tears go on for more than an hour even though I'm holding him. He will start to settle after 15 min then remember he wants to nurse and starts up again.

    I've tried feeding more during the day, he is pretty distracted but still nurses 5-6x.

    Naps are hard now too, I have to feed at the hour mark and then he might sleep a bit longer.

    When he was smaller and not mobile he slept in a strapped in wedge or a cosleeping rocker that was inclined. I think he liked being held tight like that and would sleep in 2-3 hour stretches.

    But it's been three months now of sleep deprivation and I'm starting to lose it. He's to big for any baby chairs or wedges, hates the crib, what do I do?
    I understand he isn't ready to sleep through the night but he used to be able to sleep longer stretches.

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    hmmm my first thought would be to incline the bed or try a swaddling mechanism for older babes, I'd really be interested in the incline method though... my son had asthma that gets aggravated by any signs of illness, when he starts to get stuffy we have to elevate one end of his bed using wooden blocks/phone books /etc... so that there is an incline and we have wonderful results.... I have a bit of reflux myself and the incline makes a huge difference in comfort....
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    Thanks autumn I hadn't thought of actually elevating the whole bed, a pillow sometimes helps us but he rolls off so I will try raising the bed. I haven't seen swaddled for older babies but I'll take a look!

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    Swing? Dr. Karp's new book says a swing is fine as long as it is fully reclined and your Ped has agreed it is okay.

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