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Thread: New mom with a few questions

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    Default New mom with a few questions

    I am new to bfing and i just have a few concerns about the way I have been going about things.

    My LO latched right after birth and fed well while we were in the hospital but by day three my nipples were cracked and sore and I just couldnt bare the pain so I began to pump and feed using the bottle while I allowed my nipples to heal. Two days later I began to put my LO back on the breast. He still latches but he won't stay on for longer then ten minutes. I was worried that he hadn't eaten enough because my breasts still felt quite full and he was fussing a bit but would not latch again so I gave him a bottle of pumped milk after ten minutes on each breast and he took almost two ounces.

    Is the way I am going about this okay? When I go back to work he will be taking a bottle of expressed milk quite often anyway but I dont want him lose interest in actual bfing. I also dont want to stop pumping because I dont want to slow my milk production.

    Any advice is welcomed! Thanks!

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    Default Re: New mom with a few questions

    How old is your baby at this point? It sounds like he's still less than a week old?

    Most of what you're experiencing is normal. 10 minute feedings are normal, provided that baby is producing adequate numbers of wet and poopy diapers. Still feeling full after nursing is normal, since most moms overproduce in the earliest days of breastfeeding. And again, as long as baby has good diaper output you know he's getting plenty to eat, regardless of how full or empty you feel after nursing. Babies will almost always take a bottle, even after a successful nursing session, and will almost always take a lot from it even if they are quite full, because a) babies love to suck, b) bottles deliver the same fast flow of milk regardless of whether the baby is sucking eagerly for nutrition or lazily for comfort, and c) when a baby sucks on a bottle he has to swallow or let the milk run out of his mouth or he will choke.

    The one concern I have here is your earlier experience with cracks. That suggests a strong possibility that your baby's latch is not all it could be, and that can cause difficulties with milk transfer (i.e. baby not getting enough when nursing). I suggest getting in to see a lactation consultant for some hands-on help and evaluation of the baby's latch. I also suggest avoiding the pump right now, provided the baby is producing adequate wet/poopy diapers when nursing alone. Many moms start in way too early with the pump, and that can cause problems with oversupply which is, believe it or not, a real problem that you don't want to have! You want your milk production to be about equal to your baby's needs, not in excess of them.

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