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Thread: Extending Time in Daycare

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    Default Extending Time in Daycare

    Not sure WHERE to put this (the nursing 3-12 month olds? introducing solids?) but this seems like an appropriate place so here goes!

    I need some ideas/help figuring out what to send to daycare with my son. We are adjusting his schedule so he'll be at daycare a full day, instead of about 6 hours. We were staggering pickup/dropoff schedules to minimize his time there (within reason, we found 6 hrs worked better than 5 for naps and feeding and such). Now, on the 6 hours at daycare schedule, this is what he was eating (oh, he is 8.5 months):

    7 AM nursed at home
    9:15 - get to daycare with mom
    9:30, ate solids at daycare (cereal with homemade fruit mix, that sort of thing)
    10:30: 4 oz bottle
    1:00: 4 oz bottle
    1:45: lunch/second meal (usually vegetables)
    3:00: 4 oz bottle
    3:30-3:45 go home with daddy
    5:15: 4 oz bottle

    And he'd be hungry/wanting to nurse when I got home at around 6:30-6:45

    Now, he's been having trouble finishing his bottles at daycare (with no increase in solids), but eating really well at home and overnight. But we are going to a full day - so basically he will keep the morning feeding schedule (dropping off at dc a bit earlier, around 8), but will be getting picked up around 4:30 instead of just before 4. We all will be going home together, so around 5:30-6 we all get home together.

    Any advice? I'm thinking I don't need to change what I send with him, just ask them to feed the last bottle a little later (which I think will also mean he's more likely to finish it). But today I included an extra snack (about 1.5 oz worth of fruit) just "in case" (which he will probably eat because they seem to have a thing there about finishing everything you send them with - no big deal, just won't give him as much for dinner when we get home)

    Would it be better to send an extra small bottle (2 oz maybe) as a topper? Or just not worry about it? Am I agonizing over nothing?

    DC is generally good about following instructions, but they're already grumbling about the 3 bottles and have been hinting they'd rather have two larger bottles (but since he's not finishing those all the time, seems like that's setting up a waste situation).

    I think I'm just having trouble with math. I'm used to him getting 16 oz in my absence, but with this schedule maybe I can get away with 12 oz without really decreasing how much milk he's getting (if so, YAY! I can work on building a freezer stash again!)?

    Am I being a neurotic overthinker? Why is this hard? I hate change to my routine! heheh (that and I really want him to keep getting the same amount of milk through his first year if at all possible)

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    Default Re: Extending Time in Daycare

    He needs 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour away from you. So he will nurse at 7 am and 5:30? 10.5 hours. So he needs between 10.5 and 16 ounces. He will probably be more than fine with 12 ounces. You could send extra solids if you wanted, or maybe a 2 ounce bottle if you're feeling paranoid. But what if they feed him that 2 ounce bottle and you get there 10 minutes later? That would be annoying for me.

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