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    My LO is now 9 months and nursing well. I work full time and pump three times a day with no problems thus far. Today was extra stressful at work and during my first pump session I just did not get my right breast to empty. It got worse and harder throughout the day and when I tried to pump nothing would come out because it was so hard and tight. I left work early to go home and have my little guy nurse, but he only relieved it a little. He started moaning which means nothing was coming out when he sucked. I switched him to the left breast to stay even and he happily nursed from that.

    The right breast is not as tight as earlier but it is still very hard all over the top and the side up my armpit. I have tried hot compresses, warm shower, and massage with no relief. Should I try a cold compress to relieve possible inflammation and try to pump again? My LO is down for the night and won't be up for ten hours!

    I am concerned about mastitis and want to see if anyone else has any suggestions. Thanks so much to you all!
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    If I were that engorged I would wake up my LO or try and dream feed him while massaging that top part of the breast (work any lumps out).

    Hand expressing with a warm compress or dipping the breast into a bowl of warm water might help. Ibuprofin can aid in reducing swelling/inflammation as well. If cold feels good then you can alternate warm/cold.

    Watch for any fever/aches/lethargy as it might be early stages of mastitus. Good job trying to get help, you don't want an abcess to develop so if nothing is improving then see your dr (along with an IBCLC if possible).

    Avoiding tight/constrictive bras and stomach sleeping may help too!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!
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    How are you feeling, twaku?

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    So sorry I never told everyone the outcome ( I didn't get any notification about the last post!). I spoke to a lactation consultant that night and she recommended 1) using warm compresses and hot shower, 2)firmly massaging the area, and 3) use a hand held massager to "shake" loose the blockage. The last one sounds funny but I did all of it and it worked! My little one helped me clear it all up the following morning.
    DS born 11/23/11

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