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Thread: What is the first postpartum period like...?

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    Default What is the first postpartum period like...?

    Some background: I am EBF my 3.5 month old baby, I have never supplemented with formula, she will occasionally (couple times a week) take a bottle from my fiance, and I am on Micronor (the mini-pill).

    Sorry if this is TMI, but need some answers! About 3 weeks ago I had some dark brown discharge that turned slightly reddish but never soaked up even a pantiliner. It lasted for 3 days and I worried that I had already gotten my period back. I also wondered if it was some breakthrough bleeding/spotting and not my normal period...

    Does anyone have experience with first postpartum period and what it is like when EBF and on the mini-pill? Is it like a normal period in terms of heaviness and length? Or did I just have my period? I would like to know if it was my period because not having a period makes me paranoid that I am pregnant! Also, fiance has been wondering about the same thing and is also paranoid about pregnancy! Haha A bunch of worrywarts over here...

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: What is the first postpartum period like...?

    I don't have any mini pill experience but I remember AF returning with a BANG during my last post-p (using condoms) versus a light spotting every once in a while with my first post-p (I was on depo).

    Did you notice any nipple tenderness? How do you feel your milk supply is doing?

    You can always get a pregnancy test if you have doubts or are worried! Hopefully you get some peace of mind soon.
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    Default Re: What is the first postpartum period like...?

    It is common to have occasional breakthrough bleeding on the minipill. Especially if you are not religious about taking it at the exact same time every day. Though you mentioned that the discharge was really brown, so that might be something to bring up with your doc(?)

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    Default Re: What is the first postpartum period like...?

    It's probably breakthrough bleeding from the mini pill.

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