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Thread: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

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    Default HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    Hi all

    I switched boards since my LO is now 3.5 mo... so here I am!

    I was just pumping for the last time today at work and I felt a big nod on my left breast close to the armpit. It hurts a little when I massage, which I usually do when I'm pumping since I get more milk that way... is that a plugged duct? What do I do???
    I nurse as soon as I get home, or at least 30 min after I get home, depending on how her feedings were during the day

    I don't want to get mastitis!!!! Any advice will be appreciated!!

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    Default Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    First, relax! That may be a plugged duct. But it may not lead to mastitis. And even if it does, mastitis sounds scary and it does make you feel awful but it's like the flu. You will get better.

    But, best to avoid it so...

    Make this is your mantra: Empty Breast, lots of rest. That means nurse lots & lots when with baby, and at work, maybe add a pump session if you can. And rest-as much as you can-if you are standing, sit, of you are sitting, lay down, if you are laying down, sleep.

    See these additional tips: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf

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    Default Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    I am hurting today
    Thanks for the link, I will try some of those things today. Yesterday I took a warm shower and tried to massage the breast a lot, then I nursed.
    Should I think about seeing a Dr if I'm still in pain after a few days?
    I guess I'm over stressed. My sister in law had mastitis and I've read stories... It doesn't seem fun at all!

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    Default Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    If you have mastitis, you may need anti-biotics. So if you need to see your doctor to have those prescribed, that is what you have to do. But there is not much a doctor is going to be able to do for a plug.

    Of course if you suspect something other than a plug or mastitis is wrong, by all means, get examined!

    Masitis is not fun, I just had it a month ago. But in my case I felt better very quickly after starting anti-biotics. And yes some experiences are worse than others. But you could say the same about any illness, really. The way to lessen the impact on you is to keep on top of the situation as much as possible and not to just expect it to fix itself. I learned that the hard way!

    Mastitis info: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...atcanyoudo.pdf

    and more on plugs and mastitis: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/mastitis/

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    Default Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    Here's what i did to get rid of my clogged ducts:
    Take maximum dosage of lecithin ( can be found at any grocery/ drug store)
    Take 2-3 hot showers OR use warm wash clothes before and during each feeding
    Manually express milk after the showers and after each feeding

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    Default Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    Once when I had a bad plugged duct I took a diaper and filled it with warm water. It was the perfect size for a warm compress. I also had at least one nursing session where I laid my baby down and and nursed her from above to gravity to help things. I think she was a little older then, though. I only tried it once because I do normally have OALD.

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    Default Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    I currently am recovering from a slight case of mastitis. It seemed much worse to read about than actually go through though. I mean, it HURT to nurse for a couple days and my nipple still feels a little raw, but I developed it after not resting enough while I had a plugged duct so I kinda feel like it my fault to begin with. Also think I haven't been drinking enough water but my doctor insisted I get some sort of BC (until my hubby's vasectomy is fully effective in about 8 weeks...yay!) and I'm all hormonal and only want to eat cookie dough and brownies. I wish I'd just said no thanks to the Depo shot...not like I have time for sex anyway!
    Sorry, back to the original topic and the reason I'm posting...does dehydration contribute to plugged ducts and/or mastitis? What about eating more junk food than usual?
    Oh and I've also kinda started my period again. (Dang artificial hormones again...)

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