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Thread: How to wean to cow's milk?

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    Default How to wean to cow's milk?

    These message boards have been so good to me during my breastfeeding experience I thought I'd try one more time with my weaning question! What do you think is the best way to wean to cow's milk? My little one just turned one and I'm hoping to fully wean her from nursing over the next four to six weeks. I currently feed her four times a day; wakeup, before am nap, before pm nap and at bedtime. She rarely falls asleep while nursing anymore so that shouldn't be an issue. I'd say she falls asleep nursing only 5% of the time if she's REALLY tired. I was thinking of dropping one feeding a week over the next four weeks. Thoughts? Any help is appreciated.

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    That sounds like a good plan. My friend weaned her baby that way at around the same age. Does your baby like cow's milk? My friend made smoothies with whole milk yogurt, avocados and other fruits/veggies and substituted those for nursing.

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    The best way to wean to cow's milk is to have a kid who likes cow's milk. Not all of them do. My first wouldn't touch it and still hardly ever does. If your LO likes cow's milk, just replace nursing sessions with sippy cups or bottles of whole milk, and talk to your pediatrician about how much you should be offering over the course of the day. If you have a LO who doesn't like cow's milk, you have to either a) continue nursing (3-5 nursing sessions per day meets all your LO's "dairy" needs without you needing to use animal milk) or b) offer a wide variety of healthy, fat and calcium-rich solids (things like leafy greens, tofu, fish, etc.).

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    with the pp My first hates cows and goats milk for several months and my second was fine right away.
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    And, of course, you need to be sure you're still making time for the snuggles and bonding that occur with nursing.

    My DD, almost 2, also gets very inconsolable if she can't have her "nuk" right away. I can't imagine actively trying to wean her. But if you make it clear that you are always available for hugs and snuggles and kisses, hopefully that should help.

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