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Thread: Ok to nap at the breast?

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    Default Ok to nap at the breast?

    We're dealing with some major fussiness during feedings and borderline weightgain (some weeks its ok - other weeks just barely), so I'm kind of taking anything I can get when it comes to happy nursing. Is it ok for my baby to basically take entire naps while comfort nursing? She's just barely nibbling, but does bring a handful of letdowns. The downside is that she totally slips down and nipple feeds. It's not uncomfortable at all, but I've had people tell me not to let her nurse like that - bad habits, I guess? The other thing I wonder about is that, if she napped without being on the breast and drinking those letdowns, maybe she would wake up hungry and eat a bigger meal? Thoughts?

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    I feel as long as milk is being transfered it doesn't matter if baby is awake or asleep. Neither of your bodies know the difference, just your mind. Smaller, more frequent meals are easier on babies tiny tummies. Are you having any issues with OS/OALD? Babies sometimes nurse shallowly on the nipple to try to control the flow, so maybe that's the source of the fussing? If she's just slipping lower like my son always does, slip your pinky gently in the side of her mouth to unlatch her and relatch her if she roots for you.

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    If I was worried about weight gain (as I was for a short time with this baby) I would encourage comfort nursing. I'd be happier if baby had a good latch while doing so (the nipple feeding would probably hurt me, though), but if baby was swallowing and I was letting down, I'd totally encourage. I don't think baby would actually drink more if you skipped it - it's better for them to get lots of small feedings; their stomachs aren't really big enough for a really big feeding, so the idea that fewer big feedings are better just isn't true for most babies.

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