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Thread: Exercise Bra?

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    I am just starting to think about a bit more exercise (going from walking to walk/jog) and I am looking for a good bra. I never really found one I liked with my first son. I have large breasts and a small ribcage. I hate bouncing, especially with my bigger, sore, nursing breasts. I don't necessarily need nursing access in the bra since I will take it off as soon as I finish exercising. I want something that will hold me up and in but not smoosh too much. Anybody have an exercise bra you love?

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    If this bra was a man, I would marry it: http://www.titlenine.com/product/spo...2#.UFU_2aN5mSM

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    and i really liked this one: http://www.titlenine.com/product/313...t#.UFVFBGt5mSM. it ain't pretty but you won't bounce. it is kinda smooshy, though, by design.
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    I'm petite and just bought this and I like it although I wish Lululemon made nursing workout tops. http://www.diapers.com/p/la-leche-pu...port-bra-12939 I was a D while pregnant, not sure how much larger while nursing - maybe another size up - and I ordered a medium. It's snug but not uncomfortable. Before pregnancy I was a C cup but could wear XS in Lulu, Nike and other brands.

    That said, for me exercise just isn't the same as far as level of intensity while breast feeding. I did finally start running 8 weeks after delivery. Definitely have to nurse / pump first and I don't currently cover a lot of distance. I know long dist runners will pump on their long run days.
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    I bought a couple of sports bras about 6 months ago, and my favorite is the Enell Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra, but I wear a traditional underwire underneath. There is virtually no bounce, I feel comfortable enough to run (which isn't something I could ever say before).
    I tried out the Moving Comfort Women's Maia Bra, which provides great coverage (ie no cleavage at all), but not as much support even though it is underwire. I also tried Moving Comfort Women's Rebound Racer Bra but this is a boob smusher with less support, although it is very cute.
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