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    Does anyone use or recommend them?

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    had to google to find what they are.
    but I realised I actually used something like this, for when I had bad eczema and was quite sore, but a homemade version. the doctors told me to buy two small plastic strainers/sieves in diameter of my aureola and cut off the handle and wear them over my nipples inside the nursing bra. It did look fantastically weird but helped give them air and avoid the nipple touching the cloth. I bet it was cheaper than the "real" thing.

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    What do you want to use them for? As pp suggests They can be very useful in keeping your your nipples from being further irritated by clothing and healing when you have very bad sore injured nipples. In the past they have also been recommended for bringing out so-called flat or inverted nipples but I think they are not considered as helpful for that anymore.

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    I've got very sore cracked nipples and seen them advertised.

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