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Thread: Thinking about bf after 12 months

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    Default Thinking about bf after 12 months

    So my LO is 8 months old, I really proud of myself for making it this far bfing, I'm the only one in my family to ever bf, and I only have one friend that has bf. So I'm thinking about trying to continue after 12 months, that is if we make it to 12 months. How many times a day are your LOs nursing after the first years and what are the benefits?

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    Default Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    Congratulations on making it this far! Awesome!

    After 12 months, nursing frequency varies widely. Some babies want to nurse just a couple of times a day, others continue to nurse very frequently. You will have a lot of flexibility and control over how much you nurse. You can continue to nurse on demand, or you can cut out nursing sessions and replace them with whole cow's milk or solids.

    Advantages of nursing past 12 months:
    - Breastmilk continues to provide optimal nutrition and immune support to baby.
    - Continued lactation is good for your health, reducing your risk for things like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, breast cancer, etc.
    - Nursing past 12 months eases the transition to solids- there's no need to worry if baby is uninterested in solids or is so picky that her diet is very limited, because breastmilk fills any gaps in her intake. Remember, up until around 12 months a baby can stay well-nourished on breastmilk alone, and because the transition to a majority-solids diet is often slow and gradual, after 12 months breastmilk often remains an important part of a toddler's diet.
    - Sick babies often nurse even when they will tolerate no other food/drink. Breastmilk counts as a clear fluid, helping babies stay hydrated and nourished even through the yuckiest illnesses!
    - Nursing remains a wonderful mothering tool. It soothes babies to sleep and helps them through teething, scrapes, bumped heads, skinned knees, etc.

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    Default Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months


    This was a great thread about extending nursing that I found invaluable. Great advice and experience that made a huge impact on the way I view extended nursing. Hang in there Mama and just trust your instincts.
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    Default Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    my lo is about 18 months and still nursing. he is at dc when i work so he nurses when i pick him up, before bed, at night, and in the morning. when we are home all day its usually just when he naps and then at night.

    but if hes teething or not well its more.

    its great, i cant imagine not doing it. my lo has been attached to daddy nonstop lately, he just wants daddy and thats it. I have to say its nice getting a break, but i miss him too! nursing is our connection and i know how much my lo loves it. all day is daddy time, but when he gets out of his bath he yells "na na na na" (nurse) and it makes me feel better no matter how hard my day was. and its just what he needs. it brings us both peace

    a big thing for me too is that no matter how little he eats(solids) i know he has what he needs from the milk.
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    Default Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    DD is now almost 14 months old and she nurses 4-5x a day, but like mommal said, the frequency varies ALOT. She would probably nurse more if I offered, but I've taken a don't offer, but don't refuse attitude except at naps, bedtime, and wake up in the morning. However, she isn't a big eater (solids) and it pretty tiny, so it's comforting to know that she still gets the nutrients she needs, even when she doesn't eat very much. The other thing I like about it, is the bonding and closeness (especially when she falls asleep on me or starts to randomly giggle in the morning). It reminds me that I'm still needed, and more than that, wanted.

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    Default Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    I love toddler nursing so far. My DS is almost 14 months, and during the week, we nurse overnight a few times, early morning, after work and at bedtime. Weekends are pretty much the same except for an added session at naptime. It's so nice to not have to worry about where we're going to nurse when we're out and about, making sure I have my pump all day when we're seperated, etc. But you get to keep the great things about nursing, like when they come over to snuggle or get excited when they see you getting ready to nurse. Especially now that he's so mobile, it's nice to take some time together and just be close and slow down for a bit. Yeah, totally worth continuing!
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    Default Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    I recently had a woman tell me about how her daughter in law weaned her 2-year old because the little girl said "Mommy, your boobie milk is sooooo sweet!", and she thought "enough is enough".

    I was so confused by that! I don't have a toddler, but my 11-month old loves to give me "boobie busters", and I can feel her giving me that sentiment. She loves them. I can't wait to hear her say it.

    And to echo somthing mentioned above - when I have had a really bad day, nursing my DD is the BEST medicine. It's even true physiologically since there are feel-good hormones released when you nurse. It's better than a glass of wine!

    I'm looking forward to nursing in a context of no pump, less or no nursing in public, being able to talk with my nursling, etc.
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    SAVED by LLL meeting in week one. (no milk for first SEVEN days!)

    Weaned DD at 20 months.

    Next one due in Feburary 2014!

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    Default Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    One other thing to keep in mind is that a lot of women "covertly" nurse toddlers - only at home, only at night, only in front of close friends, etc. So a LOT more women nurse their infants into toddlerhood than it might appear.

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    Default Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    Thanks everyone for reaffirming my beliefs about nursing once "they can ask for it." My DD is almost 5 months old and I had a discussion with a friend yesterday whose daughter is a month younger than mine and has already decided that she's going to wean when her DD can ask to nurse. She said that at that point its no longer about nutrition, but about the comfort of both parties...to which I should've replied, "what's wrong with that?!?" I just said I disagreed and started to defend my decision to nurse until my DD doesn't want to anymore. (My hubby says that's fine with him, as long as its not till she's 5 or 6...supportive daddy!). She also posed the question "dont you want her to learn how to self-soothe?" and although this isn't necessarily that clever, I said that I'm sure she will at some point, but I still call my mom sometimes when I'm really upset or ticked off about something. Maybe she doesn't quite get that because she doesn't speak to her mom, but she claims her kid is very independent already...
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for being on this forum and for the positive vibes regarding nursing past a year!

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