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Thread: Pediatrician told me my baby is too fat...

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    I definitely recommend the Johns Hopkins plan if it's convenient for you. Everybody I know has really loved the Johns Hopkins primary care, I have heard nothing bad. We go to the one in Odenton, but I assume the quality is the same across the network. Like I said, we have a pediatrician who specializes in integrative/holistic medicine and she's been great. My husband and both the kids go there, and we have yet to have a bad experience. I have never been to Andrews, but it sounds like it's for the best. Since I'm the active duty member, I have to get my healthcare at the Army clinic on Ft Meade and that one is really bad too.

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    That sort of bad advice from the ped--medical advice, not just parenting advice--makes my blood boil. I wonder how the ped would feel if starved for a few days, without knowing when the next meal was coming, and told to STFU anytime he asked for sustenance. I suppose that would be a lesson in adult "self-soothing".

    Power to you mama for having the wherewithal to find a competent doctor! Your baby is lucky to have a strong, informed mother.

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