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Thread: 3mo is waking up every hour to nurse

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    Default 3mo is waking up every hour to nurse

    For the past four nights my son has been waking up every hour to feed for only a couple of minutes. He usually is able to sleep for a stretch of three hours which still isn't very long but a lot longer than an hour. I am growing very weary and I am not sure if he is teething and using me as a paci or if he is hitting a growth spurt. He is big for his age and growing in the 90th percentile. In the day he can nap at longer periods but the last four nights has been extremely difficult. I am afraid if he keeps this up he will gain too much weight. Please help. I am going insane!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    There's a big growth spurt that hits at around 3 months, many 3 month-olds are already starting to teethe, and many 3 month-olds are also starting to master some important motor milestones (like rolling) that can wake them up. Those 3 things together can account for the night-waking. Believe me when I say that I KNOW this sort of thing can drive you bonkers, but it is normal!

    Don't worry for a moment about your baby's weight. Breastfed babies don't overeat and they can't be overfed. When a breastfed baby is not hungry, he will suck in a way that stimulates a milk flow that is only a trickle or which quickly stops altogether. When a breastfed baby is hungry, he will suck in a way that gets him a lot of milk. You have to trust the baby to know his own satiation cues and to feed appropriately for his state of hunger.

    It's awesome that you've gotten your LO to the 90th percentile. Good job, mama! But don't expect his weight to keep going up and up and up. Breastfed babies often gain weight really quickly in the first weeks/months. A pound a week is not uncommon. Butted breastfed babies don't maintain that rate of weight gain forever. As they get into the middle of the first year, they usually start to level out or even drop percentiles as they begin to put increasing amounts of calories into motion (reaching, rolling, kicking, crawling, standing, etc.). This is a totally different weight gain pattern from formula-fed babies, who tend to gain weight slowly at first and then escalate as they get older.

    Some things you can do to cope with intense night-waking:
    - Offer to nurse baby more often during the daylight hours. The more calories he takes in during the day, the less he may need at night.
    - Co-sleep. Having baby in bed with you, or in a bassinet or co-sleeping crib right next to you, can reduce the impact of frequent night-waking. If you can master the side-lying nursing position, you can often latch baby on without fully waking up.
    - Take him to the doc and get his ears checked. Undiagnosed ear infections are a frequent cause of night-waking.
    - Check out Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for some gentle methods which may encourage longer stretches of more independent sleep.

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    Default Re: 3mo is waking up every hour to nurse


    I don't mean to steal your post or anything... but I was about to post about the same issue!!
    My LO started doing the same thing since last Monday, she's a little over 3 and 1/2 months. And it's very hard because I have to go to work and I feel so exhausted at work!!! (you may have the same issue, even if you are staying home...)
    About PP... If a baby has an ear infection, shouldn't she/he be fuzzy or crying b/c of pain or something similar?? My baby seems happy during the day, although she doesn't sleep much during the day either, maybe 1 or 2 -15 min nap.
    I can't nurse more during the day b/c I am at work...

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