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Thread: Single Parent for two weeks a month HELP!

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    Default Single Parent for two weeks a month HELP!

    My husband works shifts switching between day and night, and he has been off for the past 11 weeks. I went back to work six weeks ago and have been completely exhausted at the end of the day. Feeding my daughter whenever we are home, supplementing due to sucking issues and pumping at least three additional times a day to keep up supply for bottles at school and to supplement at home is leaving absouloutly running on fumes. My wonderful husband has picked up the slack the last six weeks. He has done all the cooking the majority of the cleaning, laundry, entertaining our two year old and staying up a little later just in case the baby wakes up and needs and extra feeding.

    All these wonderful things come to an end when he goes back to work. I am a basket case trying to figure out how to run my home with out him. I am looking for suggestions on how to keep my breastfeeding realationship with my youngest relaxing while still keeping my household running smoothly.

    My last question is really a parenting question. How do I give my two year old the positive attention she needs while breastfeeding cooking dinner, working and doing all those other things that have to be done. I appreciate any and all suggestions.

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    Default Re: Single Parent for two weeks a month HELP!

    When does your DH go back to work? My first thought is that if you could get 2 weeks' worth of dinners assembled and in the freezer, that would take a lot of the workload off of you when you're solo.

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    Default Re: Single Parent for two weeks a month HELP!

    What type of hours does your husband have? I understand that he won't be able to do as much when he goes back to work, but can't he help at least a little? My husband works 60-70hrs per week and has been doing so for years. To help out, on his weekends he cooks all our meals for the week. It only takes two to three hours and we are set. It is a huge help.

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    What does your schedule look like? Meaning does toddler do any daycare or preschool? When are you most worried? My DH travels a lot, I'm home alone with the kids 50% of nights, but I work out of home during the day so my rough time is mostly at night. Co sleeping saved me. I can nurse the baby and still get sleep. I try to take a walk, baby in Ergo or stroller while DS1 walks with me, or just have them play outside with me for a while in the evenings. Honestly it's also survival mode so meals are not as great as when DH is home, I will do a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches with raw veggies and that type of thing.

    I also let my older son watch a video on the computer while I nurse DS2 to sleep, so like he watches Nick Jr for 30 mins while I'm nursing, then I get up and help him with his bedtime routine.
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