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Thread: Leaving teeth marks!

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    Default Leaving teeth marks!

    Dd has her two top teeth and is leaving nasty teeth marks that are very painful. Oddly it is only on one side. Nursing her on that side hurts something terrible because the marks are open sores aggravated everytime. I have tried relatching over and over again and moving her around to different positions but nothing is helping. I additionally have a large clog on that side so I need her to nurse more, but it hurts.

    What are some things that may help?
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    Ugh that sounds like no fun. My DS doesn't create actual sores, just makes me feel raw, but sometimes when his top teeth are rubbing on me, I grab my breast like the nipple sandwich technique and sorta mush it around until I get the pressure off and hold it there the whole time.
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    sometimes a change in positioning helps. like if you are laying down, try sitting up, or try leaning back sitting up. or a different chair, or more pillows. lo had some huge top teeth and leaning back in a recliner was the only thing that helped.
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    If this started with the clogged duct, it could be that the flow on that side is not as fast and so she is sucking harder. If so, can you use a band aid to cover and protect the area while she nurses on that side?

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