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Thread: Just lost 300 ounces frozen milk

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    Default Re: Just lost 300 ounces frozen milk

    My heart just sunk reading that. I am so sorry.

    ETA: I also sat down to cry after spilling only 5 oz. I would be beside myself if I had lost so much more.
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    Default Re: Just lost 300 ounces frozen milk

    That's terrible! I am so, so sorry!
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    Default Re: Just lost 300 ounces frozen milk

    Thanks for the support, mamas. It's a feeling that only a nursing/pumping Mom can really understand. Not only is all the wasted milk a real shame, it's just hard for my morale. Some days it feels like I'm walking a tightrope - trying to emotionally/physically keep myself together and on top of all my responsibilites (working, pumping, raising two small kids, husband, house, cooking - you know how it goes!). A setback like this feels like enough to unglue the fragile balance that somehow I maintain!

    But alas - things could always be worse. I'm sticking with my chest freezer from now on and investing in a digital thermometer that sets off an alarm when the temperature range goes too high or low. I'll check it every night! And maybe even pay someone to come check it every day when we are out of town!! It would be worth the peace of mind.
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    Default Re: Just lost 300 ounces frozen milk

    how horrible. I'm always yelling at my husband not to stand there with the freezer door open looking for something to eat because of my milk, he thinks I'm crazy.

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