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Thread: Worried about diaper count

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    Default Worried about diaper count

    Hello again moms!

    My DD(4 mo) had only 4 or 5 wet diapers yesterday. Today so far (3 pm) she has had only 2 really wet and several poopy diapers. She is always dry during the night. Should I be worried??

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    Are the wets being disguised beneath the dirty diapers? http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...ughmilk-older/
    I notice some days that my son has fewer seeming diapers (though he's often diaperless so I could just be losing count) but then that night he'll have a much wetter night. Can I admit I'm a little jealous of your dry nights--how awesome! I just try to take extra time to nurse him if it seems he's getting a little dehydrated on our hottest days, or days he seems extra sweaty. If it were me, I'd just keep a really close eye on it for the next day or two.
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    Default Re: Worried about diaper count

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    Default Re: Worried about diaper count

    Also remember that your wet diaper count is in a 24hour period. So If you start counting with a dry diaper when you wake, it's begins then and goes until you wake up the NEXT day. And I would imagine that you should assume that ALL poopy diapers have some pee in them. Since....I think it may be physically impossible to push out poop without peeing. And if you have two or 3 by 3pm. I imagine that you will get the other 3 you need before you go down for the night.

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