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Thread: Yeast question... Is it thrush?

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    Default Yeast question... Is it thrush?

    While on a camping trip this weekend I noticed that my nursing pads and baby's poop had a yeast smell to them. I know thrush is an overgrowth of yeast, so that was the first thing I thought of. BUt, we're not really having any other symptoms. Occasionally I will have shooting deep breast pains, but it happens very rarely and only lasts a few seconds. My nipples haven't been sore or cracked, and my baby is nursing great. Is the yeast smell normal, or is it thrush and we just don't have symptoms yet? I've thought of asking the doctor, but wasn't sure if I should call the pediatrician or my OBGYN. I got some acidophilus thinking that would help, but it says to ask a doctor before use if you're nursing. Do an anyone help me? Is a light yeast odor normal, or should I start a thrush treatment?

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    I don't know the answer to whether or not the yeast smell means anything or not, but here is a fairly recent article on probiotics, from the journal Canadian Family Physician. --

    Are probiotics safe for use during pregnancy and lactation?

    (Short answer: yes. )

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